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Builder’s Air of North Florida

Our family serving yours since 1992

A slice of history

Greg Rhodes started his air conditioning career back in 1978 in Dayton, Ohio.  A lot of hard work and dedication paid off and Greg became the marketing manager for the same HVAC company which resulted in his transfer to Gainesville, Florida in 1982.

In 1985, the company left Gainesville, but Greg and his wife Shelly had already adopted Florida as their new home.  It was the perfect time for Greg to strike out on his own and, with a business partner he started his own HVAC company.

Greg and Shelly decided a family business was what they really wanted…and that’s exactly what they did.  Together, they started Builders Air of North Florida Incorporated.

All ‘Rhodes’ lead to Builder’s Air

When we say that Builder’s Air is a family owned and operated business, we mean it!  Greg Rhodes is the Co-owner and General Manager as well as sales manager.  His wife Shelly is co-owner, comptroller and office manager, while his sons Michael and Geoffrey handle estimating and production.  Together, we work to ensure you receive the best possible service.  Our family serving yours: that’s Builder’s Air of North Florida.

The services you need…the personal attention you deserve

We have years of experience installing, selling, servicing and maintaining HVAC systems.  We’ve undergone extensive training and continue our education in order to stay up to date on the latest industry changes.  As technology advances within our industry, Builder’s Air embraces the newest innovations that improve our ability to provide quick response and expedient service in all situations.  Whether we’re installing systems in a newly constructed apartment complex or repairing, Builder’s Air gets the job done quickly and correctly.

Experience and training are crucial when hiring an HVAC service provider, and Builder’s Air brings plenty of both.  Builder’s Air is equally accomplished at building trust with our customers.  After all, doing business is so much easier with someone you trust.  From our free at-location estimates to our competitive pricing, same-day service to planned service agreements, we work hard to make sure you’re treated like family.  That means your best interest is ours.  Our success depends on your continued satisfaction and that’s our focus at Builder’s Air.

The Builder’s Air Team

  • Greg Rhodes – Owner / General Manager / Sales
  • Shelly Rhodes – Owner / Comptroller / Office Manager
  • Michael Rhodes – Estimating / Production
  • Geoffrey Rhodes – Estimating / Production

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